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Safer! – Failsafe protection during emergencies

  • Photo-luminescent [PL] exit signs work when LED signs don’t – when emergency generators fail, battery back-ups are dead and light bulbs are burnt out.
  • After 9 -11 disaster, PL signage is mandatory in New York City high-rises.
  • Building Code compliant for both high and low level applications.
  • UL listed. Fire Marshal approved. NFPA compliant

Less Expensive! – the world’s most cost efficient exit sig

  • Compared to LED signs: save ~$35 – $100/sign at installation and ~$20/year.
  • No electrical circuitry to engineer or install. Just locate near a fluorescent fixture.
  • Easy, quick installation by cost efficient trades.
  • Minor maintenance and 25+ year life. No bulbs or batteries to replace.

Sustainable! – and architecturally attractive

  • A “Green” product. Possible contribution to 3 LEED Credits.
  • No tritium radioactivity or hazardous LED component disposal.
  • Energy Star listed. Uses no electricity.
  • Rated “Best Available Technology” by United States Department of Energy
  • New stenciled face designs look like high-end LED drop down signs.

For nearly 15 years Active Safety has been a leader in photoluminescent exit signs and egress systems. Contact us to find out how your building projects can benefit from this economical and sustainable technology.