Series 2002



Active Safety’s 2002 Series Photoluminescent exit signs are durable aluminum, high quality ‘architectural diecast’ signs available in multiple faceplate colors and designed for both high and low level applications in hotels, condos, schools, retail, offices, hospitals, parking garages, US military facilities and other locations conforming to the IBC, NFPA and UFC codes. Visibility rating = 75 feet

Non-electrical, non-radioactive operation coupled with recycled aluminum construction makes the 2002 Series an excellent choice for LEED™ and other environmentally focused projects.

With photoluminescent operation, there are no electrical connections to engineer, procure and install. Once located adjacent to an artificial light source, 2002 Series photoluminescent exit signs will automatically operate for 25+ years with minimal maintenance – no lamps, batteries or radioactive tubes to ever replace or dispose of.