Series 2002 K18000 Door Kickplate


Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Low Level • UL924 Listed • Supports Leed™ Projects

Active Safety’s Series 2002 K18000 is a unique door “kick-plate” with an integrated full size photoluminescent exit sign. A super durable and attractive ‘die-cast’ metal faceplate backed by a tough plastic liner make the 2002 K18000 an excellent option for a low level door mount exit sign in hotels, condos, schools, amusement parks, hospitals, US military facilities and other locations conforming to the IBC, NFPA and NFPA codes.

Non-electrical, non-radioactive with a high content of recycled material, Active Safety Series 2002 K18000 photoluminescent exit signs will benefit LEED™ and other environmentally focused projects.

Photoluminescent operation means there are no electrical connections to engineer, procure and install. Located adjacent to fluorescent lighting, Series 2002 K18000 signs will operate for 25+ years with only minimal maintenance – no lamps, batteries or radioactive tubes to ever replace or dispose of.

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