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What building codes require Active Safety photoluminescent [PL] egress markings and exit signs?

International Building and Fire Codes Section 1024 for luminous egress path markings in stairwells and Section 1011 for high and floor level exit signs in all buildings.  Additionally Section 436 for floor level exit signs in special amusement facilities.

Which Underwriters Laboratories standards are Active Safety photoluminescent [PL] egress markings and exit signs listed to?

As required by the International Building and Fire Codes, Active Safety Section 1024 luminous egress markings conform to UL 1994 Standard and Active Safety exit signs conform to UL 924 Standard.

How are Active Safety photoluminescent [PL] egress markings and exit sign products different from Tritium and LED products?

We like to say Active Safety PL egress markings and exit sign products are better in 3 key ways:

Safer: no radioactivity to monitor and no LED lamps, drivers, batteries & emergency generators to fail.

Less Expensive: Less expensive to purchase than radioactive products and less expensive to purchase/install than LED products.  No electrical energy usage like LED products.  And they last longer than both radioactive and LED products: 25 years vs. 10-20 years.

Sustainable: no radioactivity to handle and no hazardous waste battery issues.  Additionally, Active Safety PL egress markings and exit signs do not use electrical energy – much of which is generated with fossil fuels.

How do Active Safety PL egress markings and exit signs work – and for how long?

Strontium Oxide Aluminate is the substance used in Active Safety PL egress markings and exit sign products. This nearly inert substance absorbs light energy when exposed to artificial light and then, when the light source is removed; it slowly dissipates this energy by glowing brightly.

The length of time a product glows depends upon the length of time it was exposed to a charging light source. With a charge of 5 foot-candles of light, UL [Underwriters Laboratories] requires exit signs that are listed to the UL-924 standard to glow at a minimum illumination level for 90 minutes after the charging light source is removed.  Practically, with a few minutes of exposure to a charging light source, photoluminescent products will glow for hours afterward, gradually losing illumination intensity.

Do Active Safety PL egress markings and exit signs contain radioactive materials?

No. Unlike tritium/nuclear [termed ‘luminous’ in specifications], Active Safety PL egress markings and exit signs do not contain any radioactive materials.

What is the Expected Lifespan of an Active Safety photoluminescent Exit Sign or Marker?

Active Safety warrantees the photoluminescent properties of its products for 25 years.

How Long Have Active Safety photoluminescent Exit Signs and Markers Been Used in Building Egress Systems in the USA?

Initially focused on low-level applications, since the early 1990s Active Safety photoluminescent products have been used to designate safe egress to building occupants. Active Safety photoluminescent high-level exit signs were approved by NFPA, UL and most building codes in 2001.

Can Active Safety photoluminescent Exit Signs Be Used in High Level Applications?

Absolutely. Exit signs manufactured by Active Safety that carry the UL-924 listing are approved for use in both high and low level exit sign applications.

Can photoluminescent Exit Signs Replace LED and Tritium Exit Signs?

Absolutely. And photoluminescent exit signs provide for a safer, less expensive and more sustainable installation.

What are the Best Locations for Photoluminescent Exit Signs?

Photoluminescent exit signs can be installed nearly anywhere an exit sign is required with some constraints. Here are popular locations:
Corridors, Hallways, Lobbies, Parking Garages, Stairwells, Airports, Amusement Parks, Classrooms, Conference Rooms, Gym and Fitness Facilities, Government Facilities, Hospitals, Industrial Plants, Offices, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Schools, Shopping Centers, and Warehouses.

In General, What Criteria Govern the Installation of a Photoluminescent Exit Sign?

  • The sign face must be illuminated by at least 5 foot-candles of artificial light from a “charging light source”
  • The charging light source is on whenever the building is occupied.
  • The sign is UL listed and located in accordance with its viewing distance [typically 50 or 75 feet].

Does the California State Fire Marshal Approve of Active Safety photoluminescent Exit Signs?

Yes, Active Safety is listed with the California State Fire Marshal: Listing 6200-1632:100.

Can Active Safety PL egress markers and exit signs contribute to LEED projects?

Absolutely. Active Safety photoluminescent exit signs can help secure points in LEED Credits EA1, MR4 and maybe ID1.



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